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Backyard Horsekeeping

Backyard Horsekeeping: What It’s About

My second book, Backyard Horsekeeping: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need (The Lyons Press, 2005) was the book I wanted to read but hadn’t been published yet when I first moved Bachelor, my Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse cross, into my backyard. In 2007 the press published a revised edition, probably because the first edition had a very fat pinto on the cover, stuffing his face with lush pasture grass. As many people pointed out (I kept telling them I had no control over the cover), the pinto was so fat he looked ready to founder. The book describes my experience caring for horses on my own property—everything from how and what to feed them to suggestions for a buddy. My tech advisor was John Fry, who was a horse trainer when I met him. Now he builds furniture and makes ice cream.

According to the Critics

“While comprehensive, it is the author’s voice and commitment to detail that makes this book stand apart. She has a wry sense of humor that pops up unexpectedly and invites the reader to keep reading.” Horsemen's Yankee Pedlar

“[This] book, in my opinion, goes far beyond the scope of the backyard horse and should be informative to all readers.” --Dr. Robert Miller, DVM

“A treasure trove of information. This work includes all the important topics while offering candid and useful advice.” --Brian Sosby, managing editor, Equestrian magazine

Backyard Horsekeeping: The Only Guide You'll Ever Need is available through bookstores or online at and